We’re dedicated, tenacious media bulldogs.
Locally grown and nationally known, Dennehy PR was founded on a mission: to treat each client like a business partner, providing solid communications and PR strategies and creative ideas that help meet your marketing objectives.

Fueled by hard work and dedication to your bottom line, we strive to both manage and exceed expectations.

Our long-term clients have ranged from local restaurants and retailers to global brand leaders like 7-Eleven, Blockbuster, Macy’s and Labatt USA, and annual projects for the Bay Colony Dog Show in December, King Richard’s Faire, and The Ellie Fund’s Oscar Night America. We are small, but we know how to create a splash in New England.

Our clients describe us as “media bulldogs” but we’d like to describe ourselves as savvy and persistent. If you seek “something different” than what large agencies offer, we have the personalized service, flexible and accessible experts, and local market knowledge and connections to help you meet your achieve results that will contribute to your bottom line.

We use all our resources to turn visions into realities.
This business is all about two things: resources and relationships. This business is about who you know and who THEY know, and not about sending out press releases blindly, praying for pickup. It’s about creative story ideas, national and local experts, elusive freelance writers, tech tools and online know-how, access to editors and celebrities, among other great resources.

We have nearly twenty years of business and media relationships loaded into a proprietary database… folks we like, trust and can tap into.

Our mission, re-stated:
We consider ourselves partners in our clients’ businesses, and passionate about producing results that exceed expectations.


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