At Dennehy PR, each client is evaluated and goals are set before we begin. We then create a strategic plan for you based on your goals, recommending only tactics that will help you achieve your business objectives.

Would you like to:

– Garner more media attention?

– Introduce a new service, product or line extension?

– Develop press materials and key messaging?

– Research special event or promotional viability in the marketplace based on local knowledge?

– Execute an event with some “extras” to make it rise above the rest – and get media attention?

– Connect with blogger and social media influencers?

– Initiate social media channels and create a true community of fans and followers?

– Drive traffic  and sales to your retail outlet, restaurant, hotel or special event/gala?

– Get an experienced pro to manage your event or red carpet?

– Increase visibility for your organization or expertise through partnerships, promotions or other creative marketing campaigns?

– Hire a creative, experienced agency professional for a half-day session or brainstorming?

Let’s talk!


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